Regular guests

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Conditions for the use of the 'regular guest's card!

  1. The guest-house and restaurant Piccolo keeps record of the card user's consumption and data which will not be delivered to a third person or organisation.
  2. The guest card will be issued to the user's own name and cannot be transfered to other persons.
  3. The guest card remains in the possession of the guest-house and restaurant Piccolo, therefore in case the card is destroyed or lost, the owner of the restaurant Piccolo is to be notified of it.
  4. With the guest card you will be granted discounts from the prices of the consumed dishes and drinks by the guest-house and restaurant Piccolo.
  5. The guest card reduction-system can be extended also to other businesses that will also give reduction for the owner of the guest card. The card user will be informed about it.
  6. If a month's consumption ( from the first to the last day of the month ) reaches 5,000 - five thousand - Forints, the guest-house and restaurant Piccolo will give the least reduction of 5 % in the next month (from the first to the last day of that month). The extent of the reduction can range from 5 % to 15 % depending on the quantity of the consumption.