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Our menu has a wide range of the traditional dishes as well as the typical Hungarian tastes and the dishes of the Zala region. Besides the homemade specialities several dishes of fish and game will be offered, but our cooks will be ready to satisfy the gourmand's wishes as well.

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Our seasonal offers:

Transilvanian dried plum soup 690 Ft
Cesar salad with chicken snacks 1690 Ft
Salmon steak with tagliatelle pasta with spinach 3990 Ft
Porcini risotto with pork medallions 2990 Ft
Potato dough shallow fried, speciality of the region 590 Ft
-with cheese 390 Ft
-with sour cream 290 Ft
-with ham 290 Ft
-with smoked knuckle of pork 490 Ft
Pancakes with homemade peach jam 490 Ft


Meat soup with home made liver dumplings 790 Ft
Meat soup gardener style 690 Ft
Bean soup Jókai Style 1090 Ft
Porcini cream soup "Göcsej" style 590 Ft

Starters, Tapas:

Marrow on toast 590 Ft
Fresh salad with pumpkin seed oil, cheese and pan-fried pumpkin seeds 1490 Ft
Beefsteak tartare 3990 Ft

Main courses:

Sesame breaded chicken strips with ramsons herb butter serverd with corny rice 1790 Ft
Chicken rolls filled with ham and smoked cheese fried in cornflakes with mediterranean rice 2990 Ft
Fired cottage style chicken thights fillet served with mayonnaise potato salad 1990 Ft
Duck breast with noodles, steamed red cabbage and pulms 3990 Ft
Breaded pork chop villed with marrow of bone and red onion served with bacon and mashed potatoes 2290 Ft
Viennese veal in panko style crust served with french fries 3290 Ft
Whole trout served with baked potatoes mixed with parsley 3490 Ft
Quilted deer thighs topped with brown gravy served with fired potato dumplings 3690 Ft
Beef bourguignon 2190 Ft

Traditional courses:

Dödölle Göcsej Style with onion shallow fried and sour cream 990 Ft
Chicken breast topped with ham, cheese and mushruooms served with baked potatoes 2490 Ft
Deep fired chcken breast coated in pancake dough served with rice 1690 Ft
Chicken wings served with BBQ sauce and steak cut chips 2690 Ft
Breaded duck liver with peas and rice 1490 Ft
Baked gypsy style mangalica with pan fired potatoes 3790 Ft
Breaded pork chop filled with well seasones marrow of bone and herbs served with pan fired potatoes 2290 Ft
Deep fired pork medallions covered in shredded potatoes, topped 2590 Ft
Traditional wild stew cooked using red wine served with potato dumplings 2490 Ft
Piccolo Plate with garnisch medley
for two persons
for foru persons
4900 Ft
9800 Ft

Dishes for children:

Finding Nemo 1290 Ft
Vuk's prey 890 Ft
Peanut butter pancakes 390 Ft


Cabbage salad with pumpkin seed oil 690 Ft
cucumber salad with sour cream and garlic seasoned with paprika 790 Ft
Tomato salad with onion 590 Ft
Salad medley cucumber-cabbage-tomato 490 Ft


Sponge cake Somlo Style 1390 Ft
Double chocolate brownie with ice cream 1490 Ft
Our homemade sponge dessert with ice cream 1290 Ft