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Main courses:

Sesame breaded chicken strips with ramsons herb butter serverd with corny rice 1790 Ft
Chicken rolls filled with ham and smoked cheese fried in cornflakes with mediterranean rice 2990 Ft
Fired cottage style chicken thights fillet served with mayonnaise potato salad 1990 Ft
Duck breast with noodles, steamed red cabbage and pulms 3990 Ft
Breaded pork chop villed with marrow of bone and red onion served with bacon and mashed potatoes 2290 Ft
Viennese veal in panko style crust served with french fries 3290 Ft
Whole trout served with baked potatoes mixed with parsley 3490 Ft
Quilted deer thighs topped with brown gravy served with fired potato dumplings 3690 Ft
Beef bourguignon 2190 Ft